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California Style Tilt-up Introduction

Introduction for One Piece Garage Doors


For the purpose of discussion and simplicity, various examples in the One Piece Garage Door Technical section will be given for a 7' high garage door openings.

The principles and methods used for heights other than 7' are basically the same, with the exception of the weight, measurements and dimensions.

With 7' being the typical height, other heights used for residential doors are: (1) 6' 6" (2) 7' 6" (3) 8'

Typical standard widths are: 8' widths for single wide garage doors and 16' widths for double wide garage doors are the most typical. Some doors are built as wide as 17' or 18' and as narrow as 4' or 5'.

The nice thing about most one piece garage door hardware, is that it allows you to deviate from your standard opening widths and heights, as long as you stay within the hardware's specifications.

With the above said, it doesn't mean to go ahead and build an 18' wide by 8' high 600lbs behemoth monstrousity either.

Considerations for building-installing a trackless one piece garage door:

First of all, understanding how these garage doors operate.

Minimum and maximum height requirements per series of hardware.

Maximum weight ratings per series of hardware.

Minimum headroom limitations is very important.

Garage door weight requirements can range from 60lbs minimum to 450lbs maximum.

Relationship between garage door weight vs. spring requirements is very important.

Garage door materials used and how they effect weight.

Framing requirements.

Mounting requirements.

Garage door building and installation requirements.

Hardware component names and functions.

You will need truss rods or some type of tensioning rods for garage doors beyond 12' wide as this keeps the garage door from bowing.

Most of the requirements mentioned above can be found on our One Piece Garage Door Tech Index

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